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This book is a summary of the original book by Clint Emerson. It has been simplified for you with adequate analysis to absorb substantial information within 40 minutes of listening time.

We live in dangerous times; the crime rate all over the world is at an unprecedented high. All countries have issues with security and criminal acts, from the most developed nations to the underdeveloped. When people picture disaster, they think of extremes like epidemics or earthquakes and tsunamis, but what is killing even more people are the criminal acts that seem like everyday occurrences in our cities. Robbery, vandalism, battery, and outright murder are the real terrors.

How does one defend himself against these seemingly unpredictable attacks? We take a leaf from the most dangerous people among us - not the criminals but the men saddled with the responsibility of bringing the criminals to justice. The more terrifying the criminal, the better trained his hunters will be.

Following this line of thought, terrorists, both domestic and foreign, are hunted all over the world by the most elite military operatives: the Special Forces. These men are trained as part criminals, part police, and part spies. They can slug it out with the worst criminals and come out on top while still retaining their sense of law and order.

The complete skillsets of these men can't be publicized; they would be too dangerous in the hands of people without the requisite training. Nonetheless, nuggets of wisdom can be shared for survival and self-defense purposes. This book was written using the insight of an ex-Navy SEAL with years of field experience. We draw from his vast knowledge of how to be safeguarded against attackers and how to avoid and escape from difficult scenarios.

The world may be getting more and more dangerous, but the time has come for you to shore yourself up and avoid being a victim.

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