The Joy (Not) of Online Dating: ...A Senior's Perspective (Unabridged) The Joy (Not) of Online Dating: ...A Senior's Perspective (Unabridged)

The Joy (Not) of Online Dating: ...A Senior's Perspective (Unabridged‪)‬

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I am an idiot! That's right, I am an honest to goodness, true blue, naive, stubborn, American made, why-me, idiot! 

And after hearing this book, I'm sure you'll agree as to my statement. You may empathize with me, you may laugh at me, you may even agree with me, but one thing is for sure...I am an idiot!  

This is a humorous (sometimes serious) look into the life of a frequent dater who, now being a senior, is still trying to find that elusive “perfect” partner. But while searching, just about everything goes wrong...with almost everyone! 

But prior to this time, it is important to understand why this search became so elusive. 

At a very young age, this author had been greatly influenced by the guidance his large Italian family offered, though he couldn’t understand their advice as they spoke in broken English while playing Bocce Ball...hammered on Grappa! 

Nonetheless, he observed couples whose relationships endured the test of time as they stayed loyal and faithful to one another. This made a lasting impression on this boy and I quickly realized that’s what I wanted out of life. But this search turned out to be very difficult to find and I endured many pitfalls and hardships along the way. 

Years later, while still searching, I witnessed what REALLY goes on at nightclubs and up-scale bars. I met hookers, gays, women with no teeth, sex starved power drinkers, infidelity - and that was just one person! 

My frustration eventually led me to commit to that horror of all dating where I soon discover that these sites are filled with, hookers, gays, women with no teeth, sex starved power drinkers and infidelity! 

But the author pressed on undeterred (somewhat). I even resort into trying a Testosterone Booster that will help guide me down that (also) elusive path of:

“I miei testicoli senior sono in ginocchio.” Which translates to - “My senior testicles are down by my knees.” 

Will I ever find that elusive partner? Will the Testosterone Booster have any effect? Or will I be resigned into taking cold showers the rest of my life? 

Even if you are not searching for a relationship, partner, companion, or friend, you will still find this book entertaining and amusing as you read about the shenanigans of a true blue, honest to goodness, dating idiot. 

And if you happen to be one of the millions of souls that is looking for Mr. and/or Mrs. Right, then you may find this book to be helpful and hopefully give you the confidence needed to keep trying...especially after what happened to me! 

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