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Join Michael A. Singer for an expansive exploration of the life-changing insights in his best-selling books.

Michael A. Singer's spiritual classic The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself gave us a lucid and practical guide to living an awakened life. Now, for those inspired by his books or new to his teachings, The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection, Volume 9-11 brings you into the company of this beloved teacher, as he suffuses new illumination into the life-changing insights shared in his written works.

Volumes 9-11 of this 11-part series include:

Volume 9: Your Direct Path to Inner Freedom

In Volume 9, we explore the process of rising above our personal energies and living from the deepest part of our being. "The spiritual journey is about maintaining your seat of awareness regardless of what’s going on," explains Singer. "At first, taking this seat is difficult - stick with it! Once you’re seated in the Self, you're able to access life's inherent joy and perfection, and you're able to let go of the lower stuff like fear, neediness, and anger."

Volume 10: The Power of Inner Clarity

It's natural to see chaos, cruelty, or injustice and want to take immediate action to find a solution. But how do you know you're helping? In Volume 10, Singer demonstrates that in order to comprehend the truth of a situation and act to serve the highest good, you must look past the noisy mind and its habitual reactions. When you connect with who you truly are - the indwelling consciousness - you will naturally interact with life from a place of lucidity, right action, and service.

Volume 11: The Unlimited Energy of the Self       

How is your energy doing right now? Is it going up? Going down? Stuck? "Your natural state is one of continually upwelling energy - joy, love, creativity, awe - the highest of highs," explains Singer. "Your task is not to create this state, but to stop doing the things you're doing to block it." 

Volume 11 brings you his inspired guidance for making this life-changing shift.

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