Think Anxiety-free!: Affirmations for Anxiety and Fear Think Anxiety-free!: Affirmations for Anxiety and Fear

Think Anxiety-free!: Affirmations for Anxiety and Fear

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    • 4,99 €

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Would you like to be free of your fears and anxieties once and for all? Would you like to feel that you have regained your quality of life? Would you like to let go of your anxiety about the past and your fear of the future and of your life? This affirmation program can support you in alleviating or even completely dispelling your fears and anxieties through numerous positive, motivational statements. Use positive affirmations and learn to give up your existing avoidance strategies in order to feel free and lighthearted once again and regain trust in yourself so that you can handle any situation with confidence.

Kim Fleckenstein is a certified alternative practitioner in psychotherapy, a clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP-Master-Coach. Her unique technique and self-experiences have helped to create the special character and heart of her recordings. Together with professional and native speaker Cathy Weber she also publishes her programs in English.

Please do not listen to this program while driving or during activities that require your full attention. Hypnosis is basically suitable for all physically and mentally healthy people. If you are undergoing therapeutic treatment, e.g. for depression or psychosis, and/or taking any prescription medications, please consult with your physician before using this program. The program does not replace any treatment for pathological anxiety disorders. Kim Fleckenstein makes no representation of her program with regard to healing. The user assumes full responsibility for the application of the program.

The best effect can be achieved by listening to this program once a day over a period of 4 weeks. The audiobook consists of two chapters. You can choose to either listen to the book with a wake-up phase (chapter 1) or if you wish to fall asleep just listen to chapter 2.

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