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"Thriller 1: You Are Mine"

After betrayal by her husband, Jade finds herself living in a shabby apartment, a far stretch from the life she is accustomed to. Unable to contain her fear of her new environment, Jade is too proud to go home. Enlisting the help of her long time friend and detective, James, the new apartment appears to be threatening her. Will he be able to help her? Will he find out where the anonymous threats are coming from? The problem may be more complex than James first thought.

With suspense and personal involvement hindering his progress, will James be able to help her to come to terms with moving on in her life? The twists and turns in the book take the listener on a journey of discovery as the story unfolds. James finds what he believes to be the truth that lies behind the threats. Will he be able to help her? Will he be too late? Will his emotions for Jade get in the way of his inquiries and entice him into professional misconduct? What the eye sees is not always as one believes it to be. This thriller leads to food for thought at the end of each of its twists of plot.

"Thriller 2: The Lake Murders"

When James Alexander is found dead in a frozen lake near his parents vacation lodge, the hunt is on for his killer. Detective Hernandez is hot on the trail, though things are always complex with rich folk. Talking to the boy's parents, Hernandez forms an opinion as to who is the guilty party. Will public opinion clearly on his side sway the case against the accused?

The characters within this story are judged, not only on their moral values but upon their guilt in many different directions. Follow the thrills and spills as the story uncovers who murdered James Alexander. Was it the servants? A stranger? Was it one of his family?

On a cold winter's morning, the life of a child becomes cheap and that's when public opinion jumps in to the rescue. Together with evidence gathered at the scene of the crime, will Hernandez bring the killer to justice?

"Thriller: A Call Girl’s Tale Part One - A Question of Honor"

In this part of a trilogy of stories, listeners are introduced to a young girl, a prostitute with a background that haunts her. With Italian father and American mother, our heroine is faced with life changing decisions, brought about by her new association with Emily.

Emily is going to change the approach of the young girl to her trade as a prostitute. Why? Because call girls with a reputation make more money than street prostitutes. What Emily doesn’t know is the girl’s background. She doesn’t know her attitude toward emotions that disturb her and drive her to murder.

Over the course of the past, Celestine learns how to cope with past events and how to separate men’s fantasies from any kind of emotional involvement. Will she be found out? Will the detectives seeking out Paul Delaney’s killer strike lucky?

Krimis und Thriller
Millian Quinteros
Std. Min.
24. September
Tracey Stewart