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Weston “Major” Marian

After running away at the age of 17, I found a new home in the army. It wasn’t long before my fellow soldiers became my new family, giving purpose to my time in Vietnam.

But everything changes when Doc Wilde joins my medevac crew. A night alone in the jungle after a helicopter crash forces us to rely on each other for survival, the secrets we share cementing a bond between us deeper than any other I’ve known. 

Doc begins to play a starring role in my late night fantasies even though I know he can never be anything more than a friend, a brother-in-arms. He’s straight, with a wife and kids back in Texas, and there would be devastating consequences if anyone in the army discovered my secret.

But Doc was never a lifer like me. When our tours end, we go our separate ways. He heads home to his perfect family while I continue to serve. I thought that was the end of our story. Turns out I was wrong. 

Liam “Doc” Wilde

When I wind up on the front lines in Vietnam young and afraid, it’s Major Marian who comes to my rescue. He’s tough, brave, and quiet, and he vows to keep me safe. He’s the only reason I make it home to my wife and kids alive.

For some, a friendship like that might have ended once we left the jungle behind, but as time passes, our bond only continues to grow. Years later, when an unexpected illness turns my life upside down, Major is the first person I turn to for help, and he drops everything to rescue me as always.

I soon realize that at every step of my life, Major has been there, by my side, putting me first. All this time he’s been standing in the sidelines, waiting patiently to hand over his heart into my safekeeping.

I never imagined building a life with another man, but seeing Major in this new light is like a revelation. And suddenly I can’t imagine it any other way.

Michael Dean
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24. Mai
Lucy Lennox

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