Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor and Urban Survival: Getting Out Alive! (Unabridged) Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor and Urban Survival: Getting Out Alive! (Unabridged)

Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor and Urban Survival: Getting Out Alive! (Unabridged‪)‬

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There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how urban survival and wilderness survival/camping do or do not fit together. Arguments range from saying wilderness survival skills and camping can help in urban survival situations to saying all that's needed for long-term urban survival is your survival or camping gear. The truth does, however, lie in between. Regardless of your level of experience or amount of skill, this guide has some great stuff to share about outdoor and urban survival. In both urban and wilderness survival, the most crucial and common factor that determines whether you'll succeed or fail lies in your mind-set. The fundamentals of survival are common to urban and wilderness scenarios: shelter, food, security, medical, water, and fire. However there are some notable differences. In wilderness or outdoor survival scenarios, it will normally be you or a group of people trying to survive off the land or from what you've been able to carry along. In other words you can think of a wilderness survival scenario as you versus the world. A typical character you can identify with in such situations is John Rambo, where it's basically him versus the world. Quite often wilderness survival scenarios take place because there isn't anyone else around.

Long-term urban survival, on the other hand, is a totally different situation. There will be people around you. After being able to keep yourself under control, a crucial factor that will determine your long-term urban survival will be how well you can interact with different people. Are you able to forge relationships and friends? Are you willing to exchange services and/or goods with other people? Can you achieve this in such a way that you'll be able to get good deals and still maintain good relationships with those other people in the future? These are some vital attributes and things to consider when looking to survive in an urban setup. Let's get started!

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