21 Days to a Bigger Chest

The Illustrated Guide to the Best Chest Exercises and the ONLY Chest Workout You Need for Adding Mass and Developing Big Pecs, Fast

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Having a bold and carved chest is one testament to manhood for many men, and there is a good chance if you have a "y" chromosome you feel this way. When the pecs are tight and in great condition they make you feel good as well as generate a lot of welcomed stares and sometimes touches. 

If you have always dreamed of having the kind of chest Superman would be proud of, but you just have not been sure where to start then look no further. Grant Michael's has put together an excellent weight training guide that not only gives you fundamental exercises for getting your ideal set of pecs, but also explains how each exercise works and on which muscles. In 21 days you will wonder why you did not always look so buff.

How Will This Guide Lead You to Perfect Pectorals?

Easy, through progressive overload. This is a method of increasing the endurance that is placed on your muscles with weights and different positions. The muscles, in turn, will step up to meet the challenge. Through weight lifting combined with the recommended rest stages and rotations, you will have firm and hard lines that will make it difficult to keep your shirt on.

You will get a detailed explanation of when it is best to use,

Isolation Exercises - focus on one set of muscle groups such as the biceps only or the triceps only.


Compound Exercises - combines different muscles located in different parts of the body to promote a more even mass increase.

Grant has chosen to use this guide as an introduction to compound workouts. This will be more beneficial on your start as you will be less prone to injuries, and you will learn how to spread out your workout to ensure one area of your body does not get disproportional to another area.

What Type of Workouts Should You Expect?

Inside this guide you will be taught how to perform 10 types of compound exercises. Each workout has illustrations that will allow you to see if you are performing them right. As with compound exercises, your pectorals and chest muscles will not be the only area of your body affected with each workout. You will also be working out your triceps, shoulder muscles, biceps, back muscles, and abdominals.

The main overall goal with each of the exercises provided is to strengthen the muscle fibers located in and around your chest. This will cause the fibers to break a little and when you rest the muscles grow and heal to be able to handle the extra weight.

How You Will Finish This Book

At the end of this guide, you should have a noticeable increase in the muscle mass located in your chest. After mastering this guide, you will understand the importance of having a balanced workout rotation as well as when it is best to use compound over isolation and vice versa. You will finish your 21 days, and embrace the weight lifting world with open arms to find ways to further increase your strength.

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