21st Century Essential Guide to DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Doing Business with DARPA, Overview of Mission, Management, Projects, DoD Future Military Technologies and Science

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Doing Business with DARPA, Overview of Mission, Management, Projects, DoD Future Military Technologies and Science

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This ebook presents a magnificent compilation of authoritative Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) documents providing an excellent, up-to-date overview of the research work of this famed agency, along with information on doing business with DARPA. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's mission calls for radical innovation for national security, searching worldwide for revolutionary high-payoff ideas. "Doing business with DARPA" includes: Getting you ideas considered by a DARPA program manager, broad agency announcements, program solicitations, small business innovation research (SBIR), and toolkit of agreement instruments. Contents of this digest include:

Mission, Management, and Organization; DARPA's Role; Shaping Programs; Major Accomplishments ;Transitioning Technologies; Current Strategic Thrusts; Robust, Secure, Self-Forming Networks; Detection, Precision ID, Tracking, and Destruction of Elusive Targets; Urban Area Operations; Advanced Manned and Unmanned Systems; Detection, Characterization, and Assessment of Underground Structures; Space; Increasing the Tooth to Tail Ratio; Bio-Revolution; Core Technologies; Quantum Science and Technology; Bio-Info-MicroMaterials; Power and Energy; Microsystems; Information Technology; Mathematics; Manufacturing Science and Technology; Lasers; Strategy and Programs in Context; Strategic Thrusts Supporting Quadrennial Defense Review Priorities; Programs and Budget Supporting DARPA's Strategic Thrusts; Special Assistant for Technology Transition; DARPA Operational Liaisons and Representatives

DARPA's organization; Timelines and investments in science and technology; DARPA's role in science and technology; DARPA's Basic Research funding; Total S&T funding in DoD and DARPA; DARPA's senior leadership and technical program managers have visited numerous; military bases, commands, training centers, and other Defense facilities; Key DARPA accomplishments spanning more than four decades; DARPA transition methods; Bridging the Network-Centric Operations gap between strategic/operational and tactical levels of deployment and warfare; Small Unit Operations Situational Awareness System (SUO SAS); FCS-C Gateway enables network interoperability; XG Communications program; Optical and Radio Frequency Combined Link Experiment provides links to forces fixed and on-the-move; Dynamic Multi-Terabit Core Optical Networks: Architecture, Protocols, Control and Management; Chip-Scale Atomic Clock: ultra-miniaturized, low-power, atomic time and frequency reference units; DARPA's goal: eliminate barriers between Intelligence (J-2) and Operations (J-3); Networked operations... Figure 18: A composite image of a tank under trees formed from observations by a ladar sensor; aids help manage and adjust sensor routes to cover moving targets; Wasp micro air vehicle; Command Post of the Future; Warfighters in a DARPA Training Superiority program classroom; Unmanned Vehicles - the increasing challenge of autonomy; A-160 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned air vehicle (UAV); The winner, 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge - Stanford's Stanley; Cave entrance; Underground facility; DARPA's space thrust; Falcon program's Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle; Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SpaceX's Falcon I); Major themes supporting enhanced decision-making; Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL); HPCS accomplishments, plans, and performance objectives; Global Autonomous Language Exploitation.

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