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It's three steamy lesbian tales from Amanda Mann, all in one bundle! They've since been expanded and published, but here are the originals... All meat, no filler! Action, action, action is the name of the game. Inside, you'll find Football Widows, 30-Love, and Book Club, together in their original "Juicy Thots Project" form!

Once upon a time, Deadlier Than the Male Publications authors Anita Blackmann, Amanda Mann, and Syndy Light experimented with writing outside of the types of books they had become known for, as well as see if their success could be duplicated with new pen names. Like one of their mutual heroes, Stephen King, who wrote under the name Richard Bachman, to make sure his success wasn't a fluke. And, like him, the strain of maintaining two separate publishing identities began to weigh heavily on the trio, say they retired the newer format.

Over time, more than half of the tales were reworked and added to, then released as 2nd editions, and the originals were pulled. However, there have been requests and the "Juicy Thots" versions have held a special place in the heart of their ardent fans. As a result, we are re-issuing the original versions from the series. Each volume features a collection of similarly-themed hot and short erotic stories.

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22. Mai
Deadlier Than the Male Publications

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