30 Chin-Ups in 30 Days!: The Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide to Fast Muscle and Strength Gains Using Your Own Bodyweight

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If you are seeking a way to build your strength and get a large, defined upper back and arms in the process, then look no further. Grant Michaels's chin-up workout book has all of your answers. He understands the importance of the chin-up in any workout routine.

If you have been searching for a way to begin resistance training, then this step by step guide is definitely what you want. This one exercise provides proven results for those seeking a perfect physique.

The problem is that far too often people will give up on chin-ups because of their difficulty. This book seeks to correct that problem with a basic break down that will help you build up to the ultimate goal and move beyond it.

Can This Book Really Get Me to 30 Chin-Ups?

Chin-ups are definitely not one of the easier exercises, and if you go into it blind, it can quickly become discouraging. This is what Michaels shows you how to overcome with his book. Instead of demanding 30 chin-ups out of you on the first day, he breaks the process up into three steps.

This version of chin-up training will first help to build your arm strength and teach you how to hold your body throughout the exercise. Second, he will start to focus on your endurance so that you can build up to performing 30 chin-ups in one set. These two steps are initially performed separately, but as you progress with each step, you will eventually bring them together for the third step. This will build up your repetitions until you are finally completing 1 set of 30 reps, and hopefully you will have the confidence to now increase that number at a healthy pace.

Why Master the Chin-Up?

There is usually always an advantage to your body, health and physique to learn a new exercise. Chin-ups are similar to pull-ups; although, they make a much larger contribution to your upper back. If you've ever seen a gymnast's back you know the results achievable by including chin-ups in a workout two to three times a week.

Chin-ups will make an impact on your. . .
Biceps: The muscles located on the back of your upper arms.
Latissimus Dorsi: Large, flat muscles on the posterior of the back. These muscles are responsible for much of the shoulder movement
Abdominals: Performing chin-ups means keeping your body held still and aligned. This control makes a huge impact on your abs.

Start Improving Your Body Strength and Endurance Today!

Fitness training requires dedication. 30 Chin-Ups in 30 Days teaches you how to build and apply that kind of dedication. You will laugh at your previous notion of a chin-up when you make it to the 30 day marker. Thirty chin-ups will no longer be an intimidating challenge, and you will probably already be pushing yourself past that number. If you are ready for an entirely new approach to building your upper body through resistance training or if you are just looking for a new challenge, pick up your copy today.

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