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Five of Sophie Sin's latest erotic short stories. Included are an obsessed virgin chasing a lean sexy hunk, a sexy cop who wants a baby and will do anything to get her way, the legendary train molester molesting an alpha male, an assistant learning how bad she is from her naughty boss, and suffocation play with a huge pair of breasts. All this and more in this erotica collection.

The '5 Erotic Short Stories Vol 5' collection contains these stories and more:

# Heart Breaker (Romance)
The Luke bothers were put on this Earth to tempt women into things carnal and naughty. Jenny Smith has only one virginity to give and Michael Luke is her first choice to take it. Not all things end well. This story takes you five years beyond that fateful day that changed them both to their reunion and the heated passion that neither can quell. Just one more time can’t hurt, can it?

# In Uniform (Police Woman)
Charley doesn't want a baby. It has nothing much to do with the woman that he loves. He just doesn't feel ready to be a father and is strict enough to not let the woman take what she wants. However, his girlfriend - a sexy blond cop - knows exactly how to get Charley to consent. Come find out how she gets what she wants from him within.

# Train Molesting The Alpha Male (Alpha Male)
He's so strong! The man has the hard jaw of a champion and the body of a professional man on steroids. Unfortunately, Train Molester isn't having sex with him right now. The young man has good oral, but he's sneaking that thing of his to her rear. Things progress and get wild. Tonight the train molestor is going to conquer the unconquerable - if he'll let her. Hard action and harder men.

# Naughty Assistant (Alpha Male)
There are things that one does not say about their boss where it could be overheard. What Mary said has her rough, bad boy boss enraged. Lube will be needed and fruit will be misused with only the rear touched. Angry erotic fun.

# A Busty Suffocation (Breasts Fetish)
I shouldn't have gone home with a lady killer. That's what I'll think often tonight, but I won't leave. Who would? When Lilly Sparks offers, you take her up on that offer. Hot unbelievably sexy and very fetish orientated, A Busty Suffocation is sexy content for your enjoyment.

And many other great erotica short stories in this collection.

Belletristik und Literatur
22. Juni
Lunatic Ink Publishing

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