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50 Soul Stirring Stories

by Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

50 Soul Stirring Stories is a collection of delightful stories designed to develop the mind, free it from distortions and connect with the inner spirit. The protagonists here are ordinary people confronted with their own delusions, weaknesses and unaccountable desires. The stories evoke the dilemmas, pain and strange joys of childhood and adulthood.

Most of the stories are supported with meaningful illustrations in abstract art that will help the readers to connect better with the story. So plunge into this ocean of truth and wisdom and then bask in the sun as a truly enlightened being!

About The Author:-

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon is a reader, teacher, thinker, poet and above all, a humanist. The more he reads and thinks, the more he writes on varied topics, but with one aim ‘to show man the need of Nature and natural life'. He believes that all religions are integral and inseparable, living and developing parts of one basic religion called Humanism; and all the systems are an outcome of the greatest celestial system, which is devised and regulated by the Unseen and Unknown Creator.

A retired Professor of English, Prof. Prasoon writes in Hindi with equal ease and also in Sanskrit. His recent books are Knowing Buddha; Knowing Guru Nãnak; Indian Scriptures; Panch Mahābhuta Tatwa and Sharira; Chãnakya; Netāji Subhāsh Chandra Bose; Absorbing Buddha; Knowing Kabir and Hinduism Clarified and Simplified.

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