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Several erotica stories by Sophie Sin. Included are the story of a female cop that shows a naughty criminal how to behave towards a lady, a naughty master enjoying the attentions of his sub, an orgy with a man's harem, and two big breast stories. There is something for everyone within!

'Kinky Erotica Vol. 7' contains:

# Arrested And Used (Uniform)
He didn't stop. I didn't stop him. Arrested then used, but isn't that just an excuse?

# Lucky Kitty (Role Play)
Master gives Kitty her milk and she laps it all up while making a creamy white mess in the process. This is one lucky kitty!

# Femdom Intervention (Female Domination)
I have been paid to fix him, yet the idiot disgusts me. However, that disgust also turns me on. A dominant female makes a nasty man submit to her in a way that will change his life and make him a far better man. This scene will be one you'll never forget.

# He Loves Rears (Orgy)
My prize – my queen – has finally arrived and to celebrate my harem and I are going to get wild and enjoy a little rearward focused play with our special new dark skinned guest. Ultra sexy rear loving.

# Smothered In Breasts (Big Breasts)
My name is Mo and I own a titty bar. What more is there to know? Well, today is the day when I'm going to have a wonderful young mother come in for 'work' and earn hers in the most wonderful way. For those that love breasts – a lot!

# A Busty Suffocation (Big Breasts)
I shouldn't have gone home with a lady killer. That's what I'll think often tonight, but I won't leave. Who would? When Lilly Sparks offers, you take her up on that offer. Hot unbelievably sexy and very fetish orientated, A Busty Suffocation is sexy content for your enjoyment.

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2. Februar
Lunatic Ink Publishing

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