A Bridgewater Brides World Boxed Set

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Three steamy Lacey Davis Bridgewater Brides World books in one set!

Enjoy Their Perfect Bride, Their Tempting Bride and Their Scandalous Bride.

Their Perfect Bride:

Two bold cowboys might be able to tame a wild mustang, but a bride?

An unmarried woman in the Montana Territory is a dangerous thing to be, especially one with money to her name. Mattie Byrne finds herself fighting off the unwanted advances of her stepbrother, Frank, keen on having her and her inheritance. Fortunately, she's rescued by not one, but two, Bridgewater men. Alex and Jessie take one look at the feisty blonde and they know she will be theirs, that they will cherish and protect her. With her mother ill, they vow to the dying woman to keep Mattie safe by putting a ring on her finger. To make her theirs.

But marriage can't guard her completely. Can Mattie, Alex and Jessie overcome the past and create a future that satisfies them all? Will Mattie become the wife the two men have dreamed of possessing? Or will it all be destroyed by lurking evil?


Their Tempting Bride:

Georgia Carroll isn't ready to marry. She'd rather be trampled to death in a stampede than wed the man her father's chosen. When she's saved from such a fate (not just the stampede but the horrible arrangement) by two devilishly handsome cowboys, she might be inclined to marry after all. But to them. Both of them.

Life in the Montana Territory isn't easy and the three newlyweds discover that with deep secrets and a pesky mine owner refusing their Bridgewater marriage, their love may not stand a chance, but it's worth the fight.


Their Scandalous Bride:

A wounded man who detests scandal.
A man desperate for a family.
And a woman whose reputation has been damaged by a man who only wants her ranch.

Catriona O'Reilly, owner of O'Reilly's Foley ranch, is in dire straits. Her cattle are being stolen and her land-greedy neighbor will do anything to get her property, including spreading horrible lies about her to keep other suitors away.

Alastair Fraser fled Scotland to get away from family scandal, swearing off women without a pristine reputation. Keegan Black grew up an orphan, abandoned by his mother. He wants nothing more than to provide a loving home to a passel of children if only his friend would give up his hardcore prejudices.

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