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With an assistant like Danielle, it's little wonder that I fantasised about taking our professional relationship further than was entirely appropriate. But I never expected it to happen for real ... until one evening, when my assistant got much more up close and personal ...

Short excerpt:

I apologised for being so clumsy, but she told me not to be silly. Then she laughed. “They’re all over the place ... hang on,” she said, and got onto her knees, shuffling under the table to gather up the papers.
I had to laugh. “This is like the set-up for a very bad porn movie,” I said.
Danielle laughed too, from under the desk. Then there was a long pause, before she said, “Is this where I have to put my hand on your knee? Like this?” And she did just that, reaching up and gently resting her hand on my leg.
I froze, and I think she did, as well. It was one of those situations where everything seemed to stop, including time, and it felt to me as if there was a crackle of electricity – or something – between us.
“But then I’d have to ...” Danielle said in a slightly husky, rather tentative voice, and she began to move her slim fingers up my leg, on the inside of my thigh ...

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26. September
Peter Seleucus

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