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Chaos and evil rule the world. You must bear the brand, or run from the mark and fend for your life. The worldwide organization policing the mark is “Trinity.” Without their brand on your hand or forehead you cannot buy anything of value; especially those things that sustain life. Those not bearing the brand must hide and figure out a way to survive the demonic forces searching them out. “Trinity” is more than an organization. It is a religion that will drag you to Hell. There is no turning back once you have received their brand.
Joey is one of those whom “Trinity” has titled “Irreverent.” He refuses to worship the evil organization and accept the eternal consequences waiting those who do. Instead, he searches for souls to rescue with his message of salvation. Joey battles his fear, pain, doubt, and faith along his epic journey. It is the situations he encounters that helps give him the miraculous answers he is desperately looking for.
Join Joey as he races the clock that tick-tocks towards the end of time. Watch his fears become a second thought as the final sands of time sifts down the glass of time. His adventures take him through Heaven and Hell. But, the most important path he’ll take is the one leading through the coming hell on Earth.
Is this prophetic? Or, is this just fantasy? Will you be like Joey and choose the tribulation? Only time can answer those questions! This story may become the field manual to surviving the predicted judgments and wrath to come. Or, it just may be another fanatical fantasy dealing with the prophetic phobia on the “end of the age.” Either way, the only thing you will lose is yourself in this most captivating adventure. This story is unlike any story ever told.

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Krimis und Thriller
13. Juni
Charles Butler

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