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Stop the World I want to get off was a catch phrase in the sixties. We managed to get off and this is the story of how we did it.
Our marriage was the occasion of moving from being townies to learning a limited Self Sufficiency lifestyle in the heart of rural Worcestershire; while melding a bachelor and a widow with two sons into a family unit, at the same time as integrating 147A and 156 into one house. Bash through walls and swap windows for doors with us as we turn our dream into a reality.

Read about Charlies chickens and the fate of Isobel the isolate. Of our cantankerous donkey Buffers and Dinah the Dexter heifer who was in a class of her own as a show
jumper. Of sheep and lambing and a gun-shy spaniel who became one of the family

Come into the kitchen while we make jam and preserves, bottle fruit and bake bread.
Brew beer and make wine and many other delectable items.

Experience the different tempo of the seasons as we look at a typical year of country and
village life.

Follow us as we go seeking that something more that we felt sure existed. How we
found it and the way it changed our lives.

All this and so much more awaits you in Abberley: a Recollection

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12. Februar
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