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Having prophetic dreams is a normal occurrence for me.  However, when I began having a “recurring” dream about a massive building with many rooms, I was completely baffled.  Even more daunting, as I timidly roamed the long hallways and gigantic rooms, I was haunted by “ghostly cries for help.” In seeking to understand what this dream meant, I prayed and meditated for clarity. My prayers were answered!

            One day while driving home from my job as a cafe owner, I accidentally took a wrong exit which surprisingly  led me to the building in my dream…a twenty-two room “former plantation.” Located in an exclusively white neighborhood, called Portland, in Louisville, Kentucky, that day became the beginning of a long, arduous and bitter-sweet journey, whereas, I would  be servicing not only the living, but also the dead.

            Abebi is the true story about the souls of slaves who had become trapped in a virtual hell!  However, it was only after being led to purchase the former plantation, when it became quite clear, during a cleansing ritual, that it was me who was being “called” to free their souls from their unceasing hell!

            In the process of “heeding the call,” much like the television series, The Ghost Whispers, I was often abruptly visited by bodied and disembodied spirits telling and showing me, in vivid and mysterious ways, the atrocities of being a slave. And, they were counting on me to help them to “move-on” towards the light, or at least somewhere a little more . . . heavenly? Of course, it didn’t seem to matter to the tortured ghosts that I had my own personal hell to live through. One that challenged my faith in love, my spirituality and the mission at hand.

            However, with the support of the ancestors and my Spirit Guides, who became the backbone to my survival and in keeping my sanity, I was given the strength and the fortitude to carry-out the mission through a series of rituals, dreams, meditation, and a lot of praying, all while coming to the stark realization that: Hate, is a powerful energy that will manifest into a living hell––and that Death offers no escape!

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