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This a “rogues gallery” of terrible killings, suicides, and violent events. Most of the biggies are here. At least, the American versions. A lot of horrible things. Richard Speck, John Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Leopold and Loeb, Ed Gein, Albert DeSalvo, the Unabomber. Boston Marathon bombers, Oklahoma City bombing, school shooters, mass murders and mass suicides.

There is no common thread through all of this. Different types of insanity. A lot of sociopaths. Some people just undeveloped. Some were shorted genetically. Something is wrong or something goes wrong. Sometimes drugs or alcohol involved. Sometimes there is just no respect for other lives. Sometimes an evil thrill from killing someone. And the excitement of killing themselves.

As I contemplated all this horror and banality, it was hard for me to remain neutral and write from an understanding type of attitude. A few of them made me angry and I wrote some criticisms of them, but I tried not to do that. My goal was to stand away from the event and report it almost journalistically. Keep my personal emotions uninvolved.

I am writing this for 100 years from now. They can look back at our bad side and hopefully by then, humanity will have found ways to eliminate murder and violence in their lives. I hope some of these accounts may add to the understanding and solution. Acie Cargill 2015

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