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Addison and Dan Wells has always been a happily married young couple. But they’ve been together for five years now, so things are starting to get a little stale and predictable in the bedroom.

If anything Addison—who is in her mid-twenties--is even more alluring than she was when Dan first met her six years ago. But she still exhibits a good deal of the restraint her strait-laced parents encouraged in all of their daughters when they lived at home.

Then Dan befriends a new hire at work, Kelly O’Donnell, and Kelly eventually confides that he and his knockout wife, Dawn, are avid practitioners of the hotwife lifestyle. He even goes so far as to share with Dan some cell phone video Dawn has recently filmed with one of her steady lovers.

Excited by fantasies about his own wife following suit and becoming a shared wife, he introduces her to the O’Donnell’s, after first telling her a little about their “hobby”! Addison is predictably shocked by the whole idea at first, but to her great surprise, she and Dawn—who are absolutely nothing alike—hit it off and become nearly as good a friends as Kelly and Dan.

Both of the Wells soon come to enjoy playing Dan’s little fantasy game in their bedroom, imagining Addison behaving like her new friend, Dawn, with strange men. Their sex life heats up tenfold, just from them mentally casting Addison in that role.

Then one day at lunch, Dawn casually introduces one of her lovers—handsome, wealthy restaurant owner Bobby Wilder to Addison—and he asks Dawn if her gorgeous friend is into the hotwife scene, too; because if she is, he wants her number! Addison is flustered, telling Dan all about the lunch, her flirting with the seductive restaurateur, and how excited it made her.

Bobby soon wheedles her cell number out of Dawn, and calls Addison for a date. Will she go? And if she does, will she succumb to Bobby’s charms and begin the same sort of hotwife relationship with him that he enjoys with Dawn?

How will Dan react to all of this? Does he really want his fantasies to become reality, and if they do, will he be able to live with actually being made a cuckold?

Read this book and find out!

Belletristik und Literatur
5. November
C.K. Ralston

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