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The ONLY kitchen gadgets food blog that caters for both metric and imperial readers. Featuring metric, imperial, Celsius and Fahrenheit.  

Kitchen gadget recipes has never tasted so good and this air fryer quick start mini course ebook is another reader favourite.

Sharing easy air fryer recipes and ideas that you can cook at home in your air fryer. Regardless of having the power air fryer oven, Philips air fryer, Gowise USA air fryer, Cosori air fryer, these recipes are easy to follow along and make in your brand of air fryer.

At Recipe This, they decided to do something a little different to help air fryer beginners. What if they delivered air fryer tips, air fryer recipes, air fryer resources and air fryer ideas? That would feature all the information that newbies to the air fryer need to know. The kind of information you wish was in the air fryer manual but wasn't.

Even better, instead of just being available in email format, that was also in an ebook and easy to print off and follow at your own pace.

That is what the air fryer quick start mini course is all about.

It features 5 different topics in detail that are easy to digest at home:

Air Fryer Potatoes

Air Fryer Chicken

Air Fryer Mistakes

Air Fryer Preheating, Reheating & Defrosting

Air Fryer Oil

It then shares a selection of air fryer recipes that are covered in each topic so that you can follow the air fryer recipes along at home.

All the air fryer recipes featured are personally created by husband and wife duo Dominic and Samantha Milner. Dominic worked as a chef for more than a decade, before taking on the role as the personal chef to millions via the readers of Recipe This. Samantha is the personality behind the blog and together they make an amazing double act that is loved by their readers from around the world.

Showing that using an air fryer is not as scary or difficult as you first thought, they have been showing people how to use the air fryer since 2011.

Bonus Air Fryer Cooking Charts

In the air fryer ecookbook you will also have the chance to download some free air fryer cooking charts that will help you further with your air fryer cooking. Ideal for learning cook times and temperatures and perfect for easy reference later.

Recipe This Worldwide Recipe Conversions

With a growing worldwide audience of air fryer readers, Recipe This made the decision to offer their recipes to everyone. In the air fryer recipe ebook you will see metric and imperial conversions in every recipe. They also include both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

You also have a handy worldwide food conversion too. 

This includes food mentioned in recipes that carry a different name in the US to the UK. Making it easy for both US and UK readers to equally understand. Plus, plenty of food swaps if you can't source ingredients locally.

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