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The All Good Things Boxset is the complete All Good Things Series in one place. 

Jace Rush

I’m not the hero – but I’ve longed all my life to be nothing less. 

I want to be the man in the shining armor that rides the white stallion. I don’t burn with the need to concur and I’ve never been a man who wants to live his existence alone. But we don’t always get what we want. 

I’m damaged. I was born a prisoner – my life planned out in the unchanging stars. He played God. He ruled me – the bastard

I was his personal army and his slave – until her

She freed me. In the wake of disaster; she opened my eyes. I saw a new way of living and I ached to walk in her light – never thinking for a moment such fantasy was possible. 

And then she touched me. She smiled and laughed and I knew I needed not to concur her, but I needed to live in her veins; my very entity needed to exist within her. She was hope and possibility and everything I always thought was a cruel impossibility wrapped in a beautiful package I couldn’t help but long to possess. 

She was everything the bastard ensured I never deserved and everything I didn’t employ enough strength to walk away from. 

But I would destroy her.

She was light and love and purity – and I was dark and damaged and owned. 

I was ruled by my demons – but she was my personal angel. 

She could save me… 

Olivia LeRoux

I was never meant to be someone’s something – but I’ve ached all my lonely life to belong to another heart and soul. 

From the moment I opened my eyes, I’d lived my days for another – always pleasing, giving, and sacrificing. 

I’d always lived under the thumb of a man, and then I broke free.  

I was finally living for me, away from the suffocating restrictions my family posed. I was working toward a future, taking risks and making plans… 

And then it happened. In a burst of light and glass – my world shattered around me. 

When I woke he was there. 

His presence was big and dark and daunting. I knew I should run from him because like the prey in the jungle, I sensed I was being hunted by the most dangerous predator. But no matter the feeling of ominous warning that pulsed through my body, I couldn’t make myself walk away. I couldn’t run. 

He was the weakness I never knew I had. 

He came with secrets and pain I knew possessed the perfect kind of destruction. 

He was everything that would ruin me – but he was everything that I craved. 

I keep telling myself just one more day. 

Just one more touch.

One more kiss.  

24. Oktober
Alannah Carbonneau

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