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***New Adult Contemporary Romance***

Hannah Cooper has been in love with Logan Daniels for as long as she can remember. No other guys measure up to him in her eyes. But Logan's not exactly dating material. He's been with more girls than she can count and she's known him forever, long enough to know that his feelings for her aren't mutual…until her two best friends manage to convince her that maybe he does have a thing for her. The only problem? He has a girlfriend, and it seems like he's serious about this one.

Logan has been in love with Hannah his whole life, but he knows that she deserves better than him. He knows that if she were to ever find out the truth about what he did last summer, she would never be able to look at him the same way again. He vows to keep his secret to himself, even if that means keeping his feelings along with it.

When they go to Logan's family's beach house in Summer Haven, North Carolina for a week, the chemistry and sexual tension between them thickens. They both find themselves wanting more, but if they cross out of the "just friends" zone, can they ever go back? And what will happen if Hannah finds out about Logan's secret? In the midst of trying to decide if she should lay her heart on the line, Hannah is also dealing with her stalker, whose threats are becoming real.

18. September
Morse Publishing

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