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Retired fire fighter Hawk, working with a search-and-rescue team to find a missing girl in the woods, sees firsthand what a rescue dog can accomplish. He and his wife, Susan, are preparing their home in Montana, which they call Salish Ranch, to take in foster children—girls who have no other place to go. Soon Hawk and Susan adopt Abby, a dog that has flunked out of seeing-eye school. They hope that once she is trained, she will become one of the best tracking dogs their local search-and-rescue team has ever seen—and a dog who can pave the way for their foster daughters to accomplish something with their lives.
Wichita Greentree is bullied at school and neglected by her parents. When the Native American teen rebels against the bullies, she breaks the law and is sent into the foster care system. She arrives at Hawk and Susan’s Salish Ranch in a sullen mood, determined to run away at the first opportunity. But she is pulled out of her funk and into ranch life by Abby and her trainer, David, a young man who’s studying to be a veterinarian.
One by one, other girls join the family at Salish Ranch: Jaci, who loses her parents in a car accident that leaves her injured; and Fawn, whose stepfather abused her after her mother’s death. The family also adopts Sophie, another seeing-eye dropout who will become a search-and-rescue dog in training, along with Tiki, an ex-Army dog who was blinded on patrol in Afghanistan.
Searching for meaning in their lives, the troubled girls are paired up with the dogs—more than pets, these are animals who may change the teens’ outlooks and help them to see beyond themselves. Jaci, who was visited by a therapy dog while in the hospital, learns to train Tiki as a therapy dog. Fawn, traumatized by the abuse she suffered, trains with Sophie for the search-and-rescue team.
When the call comes to search for Andy, a young teenage boy who is lost in Montana’s mountainous wilderness, the three girls are eager to respond. Their newfound skills and relationships with their search-and-rescue dogs may be the key to Andy’s survival.

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20. April
Brighton Publishing LLC

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