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The oil market is so important to virtually all of the world’s economies that it is subject to macroeconomic and political factors to a much greater degree than other markets, in addition to the usual dynamics of supply and demand. It is also the focus of a huge degree of manipulation by key players. This can be both indirectly through verbal intervention and altering supply dynamics, for example, and/or directly through huge price manipulation in the marketplace. These factors make the oil market ideal for traders because once these macro factors and the agendas of each of the key players are understood then working out the direction that the market will move over time is relatively straightforward. The way in which these factors collide at any given point also means that once a major macro theme has established itself then it can dominate the direction of trade for a long period. This means that traders can position themselves for long-term and extremely sizeable moves in the oil market and other related markets. ëAn Insider’s Guide To Trading The Global Oil Market by Simon Watkins offers you the knowledge you need to take advantage of such manipulations in the oil market, allowing you to spot what’s going on and to lock in sustained profits whilst carefully managing risk. It covers the history of the market, gives you a full understanding of the key players in the oil game, and provides a thorough grounding in the market-specific nuances required in this particular field. This timely book also covers recent developments √in the Middle East, China, Russia, and the US that enable traders to identify major macro-trends in the oil market now and on the horizon. Throughout, it is underpinned by analysis ñ and fully illustrated charts ñ of the general trading methodology, strategies, and cross-market opportunity awareness that are the cornerstones of all the leading proprietary trading operations around the world.

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25. November

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