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Volume 3 of the Anastasia Series!

Anastasia’s only been interning at Edgeworth, Epstein, and Kendrick for six months, so when she gets assigned the plum position of filling in as assistant to one of the most powerful Junior Partners, she can’t believe her luck. Robert Benning is a giant in the world of investment banking, and Anastasia can’t wait to observe him at work and learn from the best.

But it turns out Robert is more than just savvy and hardworking. The older man is commanding and incredibly sexy too. Now, Anastasia is determined to not only study her mentor’s moves, but to teach him a few of her own. It turns out there are quite a few perks to being an executive’s assistant.

Fans of Bella Andre, Rachel Gibson, and Kristan Higgins will love this quirky romance series with strong, independent woman and sexy alpha heroes.

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Praise for the Anastasia series:
"Once I opened it, I found i had a lot of trouble putting it down so looking to part 2 ;) and yes had my pulse elevated :)"

"This is one hot little read, and Ana Vela can turn a descriptive phrase in such a way the story plays out like a movie in your head. The action is hot and non-stop, and the tension pulls and teases you along from beginning to explosive end."

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19. Januar
Roja Publishing

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