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The main points Why bore you with 300 pages of information, let's face it, you may not remember all that literature, so why confuse you; I have compiled many of the healing practises from around the world, so, I may inform you of their benefits rather than spend all of my time elaborating on inconsumable information which I think is nothing but a story of how someone else did what they did to heal; which I may add, may not work for you, as we are all different and unique in our own ways. This book is about healing remedies, some you may be aware of and others you may not even heard about. I talk about what worked in the past; this book is largely to inform people that there are ways that one can heal without buy expensive medicines. After all medicine came from somewhere, unless it just dropped from the sky – it is made from natural resources of this earth. The choice is yours; I am only here to inform you that there are other ways to heal, however please do not come off your regular medication because natural remedies have to be consumed for a while before the body can move on to them. Do not just stop and rely on natural medicine if you have been on medication from your doctor. Think that there are two camps; one camp comprises of medical practitioners' subsequently, the other camp comprises of natural healers, they each have their way of doing things. Going from natural to medical is ok, the body can adapt. However, going from medical to natural can be tricky and can only be done with the consent of your medical practitioner.

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19. Oktober
Indey Cruz

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