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Few Paragraphs from the book,

The Sweet Places

I want to go back to the sweet mysterious places, The crook in the creek-bed nobody knew but me, Where the roots in the bank thrust out strange knotty faces, Scaring the squirrels who stole there timidly.

I want to lie under the corn and hear it rustle, Cool and green in a long, straight, soldierly row, I am tired of white-faced women and men of iron. I want to go back where the country grasses grow.

To the well-remembered pasture's shadiest corner, Where under the trees the wild ferns wove their laces; Hearing the whip-poor-will's voice in its strange, rich sadness-- I want to go back to the old beloved places.


Sleep lifts the flower-soul with gentle hand, And breathes upon it till the petals close Softly and drowsily; and, faint, there grows A melody from some far shining strand. The waking vision's holden to, till, fanned By vagrant winds from distant ports, it blows The singing lips of dreams into the rose. The white Night leans to kiss the nodding land. Thus, in a kindred way, will Brother Death At the appointed hour let fall his breath Upon my soul, which such kind dreamlessness Of pillowing, after Life's storm and stress. I shall lie unafraid, my petals furled, To bloom anew within some fairer world.


To Bleach White Silk

When either white silk fabric or embroidery has become yellowed from careless washing, it may be bleached in the following manner:

Dissolve two ounces each of salt and oxalic acid in six quarts of cold water.

Soak the silk in this until the yellow tinge disappears. This will take about an hour in ordinary cases.

Rinse immediately in several clear waters.

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3. August
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