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The religion of Islam is, as the meaning, “The religion that strengthens people’’ [the set of principles that keep people away from the things like problems, sorrows, wars, weaknesses, spiritual illnesses, unhappiness and similar things and that ensure safety and security]. The religion of Islam taught in the Qur’an in fact distances people and societies from problems, fears, unhappiness, quarrels, wars and similar negative things. All the principles in the Qur’an are for the health, happiness and peaceful living of humanity.

The name of the religion that Allah sent with Adam, Noah, …Abraham, …Moses, Jesus and Muhammad is İslam.

The only source of the religion of İslam is the Qur’an.

Some people and communities known as Muslims on earth adopted the views and understandings of some others as a religion by leaving the original messages of the Qur’an. Hence, intolerable problems among themselves and in their relations with non-Muslims have emerged and still continue to emerge. 

Islam expounded by the Qur’an is very different from what it appears, particularly what the non-Muslims see on those people who claim to be Muslims.

By reading these articles,  you will have broad knowledge about the topic below:

- Creation of the universe and man

- Profit, rent, fee, interest and kenz

- Infaq/Aid

- Mary in the Qur’an

- Prophet Jesus in the Qur’an

- Women in Islam

- War/Battle in Islam

- Masjid al-Aqsa

- Reincarnation

- Malady that enslaves persons and colonize communities - Riba

- Sadaqa/public revenues

- Salah

- Zaqah/tax

- Concept of miracle and the miracles of the prophets

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