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Artwork No. 0 / 11-12-13 stands with his first twenty-four pages programmatically for a new international Art & Culture e-periodical. "Artwork International - The Art & eBook Magazine" is a new bi-monthly art and culture magazine that will be published as an edition of individual eBooks from spring 2014 on. Each Artwork will also be available as a printed edition as and can be ordered in international bookstores world wide. Each individual eBook/pocket book from the current edition of Artwork is dedicated to a visual artist, photographer, designer, architect, musician, fashion designer or film maker, but also to an art critic, philosopher, collector, curator or even a gallery. Artwork addresses a wide audience of art and culture aficionados. Artwork is made by artists for artists and art lovers – by artists for artists that don’t subscribe anymore to 19th century clichés of art, but instead follow their artistic ideals and imaginations. Many today seem to maneuver outside the current system of the art market, others seem to ride its cusp. They are true to themselves and dazzle us with their seriousness and versatility. No matter if an artist or a critic – Artworkers are all on the same level. They can all use Artwork as a platform for their own publications in the future. Artwork is brought to you by Roman Soukup – co-founder/publisher of Wolkenkratzer Art Journal (1982.1989), executive director of documenta (1994-96), photographer and “honey man” in Lindau, Lake Constance and Saul Aaron Appelbaum – professor, artist, designer/architect in Bangkok, Thailand. Roman Soukup is initiator and publisher of Artwork. Artwork No. 0 /11-12-13 will be issued on Dec. 11, 2013 with epubli Berlin/London as international distributor. On 24 pages the issue of Artwork No. 0 presents a programmatic view of the editorial and structural approaches of the magazine’s concept. The first edition of Artwork 1-13 /2014 will come out in the spring of 2014. Artwork No. 0 / 11-12-13 can be found on the sites of bei - Berlin / – London.

Kultur und Unterhaltung
11. Dezember
Epubli GmbH

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