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An enthralling bedtime story within a story, encompassing a hidden message where good ultimately triumphs over evil.
Garron’s only child Peter has an inoperable brain tumour brought on by Turcots Syndrome which was inherited from him. Most of his family fortune and years as a top surgeon and researcher have not stemmed the tide on his son’s illness. His obsession to find a cure has left him with little time to spend with his dying son. Consumed with Peter's illness and lack of progress he feels he has nothing left to offer his son, however when Peter waits up late one night all that changes. Peter may be trapped in a failing body but his mind is still sharp. A tradition begins as Garron tells the first of many stories as he and his son travel the path of terminal illness. Together a story unfolds, one which will bring hope to his son and maybe just a little relief for the quilt he feels.
The story of hope begins beyond the stars of tomorrow. The planet Azalia is the first creation The Professor has let his students partake in. Sitting in the great lecture hall they marvel at the evolution of the little green planet, the first to have water. One student in particular takes a very keen interest in this planet. It is now his turn to show the others how smart he truly is and in doing so he will inevitably travel down the path of evil. This student, Zared Blackley, in an attempt to outdo The Professor, unwittingly becomes forever tied to the new planet. But he has not learnt his lesson and bent on besting The Professor, his evil desires are strengthened when he discovers a book that once belonged to The Professor. Hidden in this book are the secrets that will give him the ultimate power to rule the new planet. With this new found power Zared will gather 13 other students to his cause and thus will begin the rein of the Titans on Azalia.
Yet evil must have its counterpart and Zared will not be the only one interconnected to Azalia. Michael and his friend Gabriel, along with four master's students, Harriet, Melody, Candice and Lizzie inadvertently consume a fruit from Azalia. This fruit contains a very special substance called Potentiam, or also known as the living light. They too are now allied to the planet. The power of the living light flows through them and with it they will fight the powers of darkness and try and put a stop to Zared and the Titans in a battle that could see Azalia destroyed by the very one who created it. Still hope is given for this small planet in the form of a prophecy. One family in particular will fulfil this prophecy.

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15. Juni
Mac Yerick