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eBook with audio files - from the author of „Russisch mit System"(Langenscheidt 2011). "Azbuka" is an intensive introductory course of Russian intended for everybody who wish to learn Russian spelling and pronunciation in the shortest possible time. „Azbuka" is the other name for the Cyrillic script. Step by step, "Azbuka" will enable you to read Russian, as well as to communicate in Russian in typical everyday situations. ✓ 10 lessons with exercises and audio files ✓ Complete and clear explanation of the pronunciation and spelling rules ✓ Recordings by Russian professional speakers ✓ Basic vocabulary for everyday situations ✓ Grammar summary and dictionary The course consists of 10 lessons. Every lesson begins with presenting of new letters of the Russian alphabet, followed by a complete and clear explanation of the pronunciation and spelling rules. Finally, each unit provides exercises which train you to read and to understand the first words and sentences, as well as to hear different types of intonation. All practice material has been recorded by Russian professional speakers and is accompanied with an English translation, making it suitable for self-study as well as classroom use. In the chapter "Everyday Russian" you will learn how to use the basic vocabulary of the lessons, in order to master most common everyday situations in Russian. In addition, all grammar topics of the lessons are summarized in the chapter "Grammar". Finally, you will find all words of the lessons in the Russian/English and English/Russian dictionary. To attention of the German speaking learners: This course is available on iTunes in German language - as the application for iPad "Asbuka".

28. August
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