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The first five Shifter Babies Of America stories are here just for you! This box set contains the following novellas:

The Baby Shift: North Dakota

His wolf can sense her, but is he worthy of her?

Forget what anyone tells you: the holidays are hell. Bickering family members, rushed shopping and every woman stressing over setting the perfect holiday spread. Ginger knew this full well as she struggled to keep her cakes and pastries in stock. It was a good problem to have, but lately it seemed like all she had were problems. But just when you think you have life figured out, six feet of the right kind of problem walks in the door. Now there's a problem I'd like to tackle.... Wait, what's going on with his eyes?

Jack is on the hunt. Not for an enemy, and not for the delicious moose he sometimes indulges in back home in Alaska. What's brought him to Gray Creek, ND is his idiot brother. Who travels across the country to get involved in something that doesn't concern him? His brother, Connor, that's who. But before he can grab Connor and drag him back to Alaska, he meets her, and she's something fierce.

The Baby Shift: Colorado

This cougar stalks his prey, whether for the dinner table or the bedroom.

Ava was dealing with the death of her mother, a recent move to Colorado from California, and now an encounter with the first shifter she has ever met. Though she knows that Colorado has many shifters compared to California, she just wasn’t expecting to meet one on her first day upon arriving in the small town after moving in with her uncle. She also wasn’t expecting to feel so strongly attracted to him...

Candor was used to a certain stability in his life. That all shattered the day a group of rogue Shifters entered his territory and murdered his brother. Though his main priority is to protect his kin and rid his land of these invaders, he can’t deny the way this human woman, Ava, is igniting something deep within him.

The Baby Shift: Louisiana

Her whole life is work.

This Wolf Shifter is going to show her what living really is...

Another writing assignment has Ella traveling to New Orleans to write a few travel pieces. She’ll be looking at hot places to stay, restaurants to dine at, and different local venues to check out. Despite her commitment to her work, her attention is soon stolen when she meets Victor, owner of the B&B she is staying at. Her curiosity piqued, she decides to do a little innocent investigation of her own. She had no idea how quickly the stakes would turn up.

The Baby Shift: Massachusetts

When your life is making happily ever afters for other people, you forget that you deserve one yourself.

Beryl had been called away to plan and conduct a wedding in less than a week. Though she had been assured that most of the details had already been planned, and that she would be compensated well for her rushed time, Beryl was only looking forward to the big day so she could finish this project and return home. But as she arrived in town, she came across a local festival that not only drew her attention, but also drew the attention of a young man that she couldn't get off her mind.

The Baby Shift: Nevada

High art and a Wolf Shifter in Sin City. What could go wrong?

There was only one thing Amelia was focused on right now, and that was surviving the onslaught of her new boss and all of his demands. Working under him as a writer for the only art magazine in Las Vegas, she had started to take on his pieces, having to do interviews when it wasn’t convenient for her. But one such last minute interview led her into the life of Eli Kingston.

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