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Bestselling author John Davidson presents "Beavers For Kids". Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with beavers. This is one of over 20 books in the Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers Series. http://AmazingAnimalBooks.com

Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful mammal: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

*** You and your kids will love learning about beavers***

Table of Contents
1. Facts About Beavers
2. Beavers
3. Beaver Tails
4. Beaver Dams
5. Beavers Habitat
6. Beaver Houses
7. What Beavers Eat
8. Trapping Beavers

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1. Facts About Beavers

Beavers are herbivores and primarily nocturnal as they are more active at night. They have weak eye sight but make up for it with strong hearing and sense of smell. They are semi aquatic but tend to be slower while on the ground. There are two known species of beavers around the world, the North American beaver and the Eurasian beaver both of which interestingly enough never mix with each other.

The young ones of beavers are called kits during the first year and yearling during the second. They are social and live in colonies of several beaver families. A typical beaver family consists of a male and female with around 2 to 4 kits.

The Canadian national animal, beaver is also depicted on their five cent piece and even feature on the 1849 pictorial stamp. Ironically, in Canada once the beaver was almost hunted to extinction due to the love for its fur.
Swimming comes naturally to the beavers and they are brilliant at swimming and can even hold their breath under water for more than 15 minutes. This trait helps them evade some of the predators easily.

The beavers have a very unique alarming system which used to alert other members of their colony in the region. When under threat beavers successively dive into water while forcefully slapping their broad tail into it. Amazingly, the impact is pretty loud and audible over and under water to great distances serving an alarm to other beavers around.

Beavers are quite an amazing member of the rodent clan, the second largest in the species to be precise. Already they have made a name for themselves as 'builders', it is because they are known to have the characteristics of making dams over streams and rivers.

The beavers have teeth which keep growing all through their lifetime. These are used to cut the trees and build dams.

Surely some of the above facts about beavers were not known to you till today.

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