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“Bees: knowing them to defend them, knowing them to improve our lives” is a book which aims at guiding the reader into the glamorous world of bees through the simple language of images.

It doesn’t intend to go into the scientific knowledge of these fascinating insects thoroughly; it only has educational purposes.

As a matter of fact, the concept of “knowing them to defend them” cannot be disregarded if we want to protect the eco-systems and the little, but fundamental forms of life.

“Knowing them to improve our lives” is another concept which is developed among the pages in order to point out the extraordinary virtues of bees on the one hand, and the faults of the human species on the other, bringing up a sore point, as they say.

The image on the cover shows us a bee coming out from a dandelion flower: it will guide us to the discovery of its world. The final picture, that is the flying bee, is an invitation to follow it inside the extraordinary world of that part of nature which most of the time escapes our notice.

This book was intended for schools above all, but I hope it will be appreciated even by a larger reading public, by beekeepers, by naturalists and by people with common interests.

Alfredo Marson

Wissenschaft und Natur
10. April
Alfredo Marson

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