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Blackshaw fans can truly binge-read now because the Alpha Missions have never been published together before.

The mayhem begins with DEADRISE: Diving the frigid Chesapeake Bay for oysters, former S.E.A.L. Ben Blackshaw discovers a sunken speedboat filled with nineteen cases of gold bullion, and a last case concealing a dirty bomb, its timer counting down to zero just 24 hours away. If that’s not enough, at the helm Blackshaw finds the corpse of a man he hasn’t seen in fifteen years—his father. Corrupt NSA operative Maynard Chalk leads a pack of bloodthirsty mercenaries to recover the infernal cargo. Blackshaw must rally his fellow Smith Islanders to repel the intruders, or he loses his home, the love of his life, and the opening skirmish of World War III.

The second Alpha Mission continues in NITRO EXPRESS: A cryptic message draws Blackshaw out of hiding in Manhattan to help an old friend track down a serial sniper who has killed an international pop star among other high profile targets. The deadly chase leads Blackshaw and Knocker Ellis across the Americas until he realizes the sniper is killing for a corrupt U.S. Black-Ops agency, and Blackshaw himself tops the hit-list.

Alpha Mission Three, code named TAP RACK BANG: A midnight intruder begs Blackshaw to rescue a young girl from savage human traffickers who plan to deal with their prisoners in the most gruesome ways imaginable, with torture and murder on an on-line snuff site. As Blackshaw stalks in toward the truth, it hits him that only utter extermination of this gang of butchers can free the girl and shut the ghoulish operation down. But the final cost of the mission could prove too devastating for Blackshaw to bear.

With the Alpha Missions accomplished Blackshaw readers can next enlist in GERONIMO HOTSHOT, Book 4 of The Ben Blackshaw Series. As a bonus, they’ll also receive the first Blackshaw Short Story, SLUDGE, written by Robert Blake Whitehill, with Taylor Griffith.

400 Blackshaw fans can truly binge-read now because the three Alpha Missions have never been published together before. First, enlist in DEADRISE: a wreck filled with gold, a dirty bomb, and a dead relative, Blackshaw’s dad. Next, deploy on NITRO EXPRESS, a serial sniper chase with killer and target hitting too close to home. Finally, move out on TAP RACK BANG, and take down a deadly snuff site.

Krimis und Thriller
5. August
Robert Blake Whitehill

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