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So I get it you hate your miserable existence. You hate your JOB. You hate your boss that SOB. You hate driving in traffic. You hate especially that guy at work. Yeah, I feel it for you. If I can get my hand through the screen I'd give him “a Bruce Lee kind of a back spin knockout punch." Well, don't take me wrong. I am not rubbing it on you to make you feel bad, just "sayinga." 

Can you imagine living the life of your dreams? No worrying about money or any other nasty feeling like that. You are on the top of your game. Sailing the Caribbeans in your 50 foot sail boat. The sun is high and you can see the sun rays dancing in the water. Turquoise green water, pearl white beaches. In a matter of fact you are sooo close to Necker Island "you know that place.” If you haven't heard about it check it out. You can eve drop a visit to Richard Branson in his little cool island paradise thingy.  You are drinking from something that requires a small umbrella on top. The water is crystal clear. You can see all the way to the bottom of the riff and the sea is busting with life and colors. The wind just picked up and you have to do slight work and adjust the sails. No amount of this kind of work will break you up. You enjoy it so much, you would work for free. A smaller boat passes by. The friendly captain waves at you and wishes you "Bon voyage." 

You are approaching the final destination for the day. A cozy cool marina on Tortola island. The slip is ready for you. The dock master does his little trick a half hitch and whatever other magic and the boat is safely secured to the dock. Contrary to all "Forex Lifestyle Myths" the hardest thing about trading at remote places is not taking the trades, but finding a good WiFi. But you've been on this island so many times and know the perfect place to trade. You pull up to the small marina bar. Open your comp and I can't help but see the big smile on your face. All the trades you execute in the morning pinned up and your account is couple grand happier. You order "one more" and do your regular two trades a day thing. If all the talking heads on TV and Bernanke do their regular "theater," you will be up a couple grand again by this time tomorrow. But wait! Something doesn't feel right! The marina bar became distant and the whole "Caribbean high" kind of vanished away. And then you woke up. Seriously like in bed with your P.J. You tried to linger for a little while and hold on to the sea, the wind, the sailboat and all, but the dreaded alarm clock put an end to it. In complete total horror you pushed the snooze button and desperately held on to the dream again. The reality heat hard. Like a little obedient drone you picked your stuff and headed in to the horrible traffic to do the 9-5 rat chase. Well, you can do anything that you put your mind in to. You can even create your own Caribbean reality. However if you continue like this, you will not have enough earth years to get the boats, good life and busting by the ridges bank accounts. You will need some “interplanetary jedi ninja” to do the work for  you. That's why I decided to create your new reality for you. I've done all the hard work and laid up a step by step plan to your new Forex lifestyle. Really you've got couple of choices. Spend thousands of dollars, become a member of countless expensive paid forums and eventually after a decade you may or may not get the necessary knowledge to achieve your goals. Let me give you a sound advice. Buy this book and save yourself years if trials and error nonsense and bust the learning curve to pieces. See you on the other side.

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19. August
Trader X

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