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Three full-length standalone novels full of steamy forbidden romances sure to warm you up.
Don't miss out on these hot billionaires and the ladies who've been forbidden to love them.

Book One: The Doctor's Claim

Billionaire trauma surgeon...
You'd think it would get me some time off to enjoy myself.
Unfortunately, this holiday, I'm heading up to White Pines, Wisconsin to see my family.
I end up on the goddamn bus, protecting a cute little thing from an asshole who's getting grabby.
I don't take too kindly to people pawing at what's mine, and from the minute I lay eyes on pretty Chloe Becker,
I have a feeling she's meant to be mine. Then I find out she's got a baby in her, and, other man's baby or no,
something about a sweetly breeding girl just drives me wild.
She's an innocent girl, whose idea of fun is burgers and star gazing… Maybe before the holiday season is over
I can show her what kind of fun I like to get up to.

Book Two: Destined Desires

What can I say about Cade Lowell?

I can say that he's arrogant, domineering, and is used to having things his own way.
I would also have to say that he's hot as hell and that absolutely nothing has changed since we broke up in high school—he leaves me just as breathless and frustrated as he did back then, when he was the only one who had ever touched me.
He was just a boy the last time I saw him, but when I return to White Pines to deal with my late grandmother's house, I realize that he's all man now!
I feel electric when I'm around him, and I can tell right away he wants me too, but there's more to love than heat.
Will he ever get past his arrogant ways to see that I want a say in things too?

Book Three: Loved

One minute you're having a great time living the playboy lifestyle,
and the next an ex has a tragic accident and leaves you with a 10-month-old kid!

My new daughter Emma is cute as a button, but I'm man enough to admit that I'm overwhelmed.
Help appears in the form of the angel next door, Shannon Becker,
and though she's confident in her maternal instincts,
she seems to have no idea just how drop-dead gorgeous she really is.
I never knew that my type would be cute, pear-shaped, and a whiz with kids,
but here it is. And before we go much farther, I'm going to make Shannon mine.
Hope she knows that ...

If you love short romances with instant love, hot scenes, and a sweet story, then this is for you.

19. August
Alizeh Valentine

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