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(MATURE READERS ONLY. Contains a celebration of bimbo transformation with explicit sexual scenes.)
Melissa Broadstreet is eager to start her freshman classes—particularly in journalism. Her first paper is a challenge. It has to be perfect and unique! A new magazine on campus, Bimbo Nation, sparks her interest. She can show the damage that this magazine can do to women’s rights.

Tori, the managing editor, is happy to help, and is even willing to throw in a free manicure.

Ralph Anderson, a board member at Melissa’s college has thoughts of his own regarding the role of women in his life. Bimbo Nation is a perfect magazine to have on campus in his opinion, even though some of the other board members disagree. When he reads Melissa’s journalism paper, he decides to meet the author.

A unique opportunity comes up at the magazine for the aspiring journalist. All she has to do is change a few things, write about how they make her feel, and then she can go back to being a boring old college student.

But will she be able to pull it off? Or will the seductive nature of the bimbo scene, and Mr. Anderson’s masculine appeal ensnare her forever?

WARNING: This book contains explicit m/f and f/f sex scenes. Some aspects are demeaning to women, but consensual. If this offends you, please don't buy this book. All characters are over 18. This is an erotic fantasy. It is a short story.

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8. Mai
Lights out Press

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