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'A feisty variation on the lone and jilted theme, Shyama Perera's lament for lost love actually cheers you up' She

What do you do when your husband leaves you and your two children for another woman?

After ten years and two kids, Nina never expected Buster to walk out on her. But when he announces that he is leaving her for younger, fitness-obsessed Christine, Nina finds herself having to unexpectedly face life as a single woman once again. So, she asks herself, what do you do when your husband walks out on you?

1) Do everything you can to win him back?
2) Call your best friends and cry over a takeaway?
3)Go out, get drunk on tequila slammers and make the most of the rest of your life?

. . . Or all of the above?

As Nina is about to discover, all of the above. You shout at him, cry to your best friends, then dust off your high heels that have been gathering the dust and hit the town.

Because who knows who might be waiting for you there . . ?

Perfect for fans of BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY and WILDE LIKE US, BITTER SWEET SYMPHONY is an uplifting ode to life, strong women and dancing around your friends' living rooms to your favourite classics.

'Needle sharp, very original and a bit wicked' Mirror

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10. April
Hodder & Stoughton

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