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In a world where women are not always appreciated for the sacrifice and dedication they make for the men in their lives, Brutley reminds women how valuable they are and how important it is to have a voice. She shares stories of the journeys women face dealing with men who do not appreciate, uses, deceive, lies, and cheat on them and how they tend to deal with these situations as they occur. She, like many women in the world, has similar stories of how she was blinded by love and trapped in a one-sided relationship that lead to a broken heart and lost time. She demonstrations how a lack of awareness and submissiveness can cause women to remain in unfulfilling “situationships” where they have prioritize their partners’ needs and dreams ahead of their own. Brutley shows women how to break their silence, stop pretending to be unaware and stop looking at their situations through blacklights. She illustrates how to be tactful with their approach and reminds them of the lack of benefit in acting out only repercussions that destroy lives. Brutley provides a brilliant example of what not to entertain in relationships, how women can be confident in themselves, what they can do to reclaim their lives and what tools are necessary to achieve things beyond their wildest dream. This book is defiantly a wake call to those who have lost faith in themselves at the hand of a man. Brutley shares two critical lessons to hold dear when journeying out on that path to a new life. There is no action in frivolous speech, and THE BEST REVENGE IS SUCCESS. Because when you succeed, there is nothing left to say because success speaks for itself. This book is a great read that gives a lesson you will never forget.

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