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There's a deranged serial killer haunting the streets of Paris in 1946, killing women that collaborated with the Germans during WW2, extracting retribution in the most horrible fashion. Bitter and battle-scarred US Military Policeman, Captain Warren Cayne is assigned the daunting task of investigating the death of a US soldier that has been killed by the serial killer and he falls into a case that will involve Nazi war criminals, ex-resistance fighters, and black marketers. Cayne is an ex-marine, now strung out on speed, with only six months until he is discharged from the Army, will he be able to survive the deadliest case of his career? Can he apprehend the vicious serial killer and solve the Nazi Odessa mystery that he has fallen into?

In the tradition of classic noir thrillers such as - The Odessa File, China Town, The Big Sleep, and The Maltese Falcon.

Praise for  - Black Stockings Red Blood

Following in Chandler's Footsteps

This is the kind of hard-boiled detective fiction that I thought went away when we lost Raymond Chandler. Like Chandler's Philip Marlowe, there's a lot not to like about the novel's main character. Warren Cayne drinks, smokes, cusses, pops bennies and is deeply involved in an ongoing affair despite the fact he's married. Literally battle-scarred, he's a cynical former New York City detective and ex-Marine who's counting the days until he's done with the Army, too. A captain in the Military Police, he doesn't respect his superior officers (and for good reason). He just wants out.It's never that easy, though, is it? Catching the wrong telephone call after the end of his shift, the unlucky Captain Cayne is soon tasked with solving a particularly grizzly double murder. Even after it appears the killings are the handiwork of a serial killer, he doesn't hesitate to go down the mean streets of Paris. He might have hoped to return to the States, but now he has a job to do. No matter the price, he intends to get it done. Despite his excesses, Cayne is a believer in law and justice.At the end of the story, he goes even further than I thought he would. It's a dark and satisfying finale.

Krimis und Thriller
22. Januar

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