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Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 Studio is one of the world’s leading node-based compositing software. It is a powerful VFX production application. It comprises of flexible, precise, and powerful compositing tools. This software uses various techniques such as color-correction, 2D tracking, keying, masking, depth-based compositing, 3D compositing, and stereo 3D for compositing. This software has been used in many movies such as Avatar, 300, Terminator Salvation, Final Destination II, and so on. Capability of using a wide range of techniques makes this software application an ideal platform for compositing and the first choice for compositors and visual effect artists.
Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 Studio: A Tutorial Approach textbook has been written to enable the users to learn the techniques and enhance creativity required to create a composition. The textbook caters to the needs of compositors and visual effects artists.
This textbook will help users learn how to create different effects such as of rain, snow, fireworks, smoke, and so on. Also, they will learn to composite 3D objects with 2D images, create moving water effect, track and stabilize a footage, create volume fog, and convert day scene to night scene. In totality, this book covers each and every concept of the software with the help of progressive examples and numerous illustrations.
The salient features of this textbook are as follows:
• Tutorial Approach
The author has adopted the tutorial point-of-view and the learn-by-doing approach throughout the textbook. This approach helps the users through the process of compositing in the tutorials.
• Tips and Notes
Additional information related to various topics is provided to the users in the form of tips and notes.
• Learning Objectives
The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that will be covered in that chapter. This will help the users to easily refer to a topic.
• Self-Evaluation Test and Review Questions
Every chapter ends with Self-Evaluation Test so that the users can assess their knowledge of the chapter. The answers to Self-Evaluation Test are given at the end of the chapter. Also, the Review Questions are given at the end of each chapter and they can be used by the instructors as test questions.

• Screen Captures
About 300 screen captures are given throughout the textbook to facilitate the understanding of various concepts.

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