Blackmailed Into Bed (Contemporary Sensual Romance) Blackmailed Into Bed (Contemporary Sensual Romance)

Blackmailed Into Bed (Contemporary Sensual Romance‪)‬

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Contemporary Sensual Romance Novella/Baton Rouge police officer Jake Fontenot has wanted Amy for months. Under the impression she is married, he silently agonizes over the woman he can't have.

Divorced mom and teacher Amy Sanford refuses to get involved with a police officer. Through a combination of white lies and evasive maneuvers, she purposely stays out of the handsome lieutenant's reach.

He finds out the truth one dark night when she is stranded and scared on the side of the interstate. Using blackmail and intimidation to get what he wants, he soon has her under his control and embroiled in a game of ruthless seduction and sensual persuasion.


She pushed the button again to close the garage door and at the same time stepped out of her car. She had maybe thirty seconds of light before the fluorescent bulbs were shut off by the automatic timer. She reached the door that connected to her kitchen just as the light went out.

Hard, strong hands gripped her from behind. She choked off a scream as she realized that Jake had slipped in the garage behind her. Strong arms caged her against the door.

Jake felt her collapse against him and he put his mouth on her neck. “Shh, shh. You know it’s me.” He bit softly as he crossed his arms around her. God, she went to his head so fast. He remembered seeing her in this long purple skirt and flat black shoes before. It turned him on then, and it was turning him on now. Damn, he really needed to get it with this little teacher. It had taken every bit of control he had not to come back to her house Sunday morning. The damn wanting was getting worse.

Amy felt him inundating her and thought she might drown in delirium. She opened her eyes to almost complete blackness. There were only bits of light coming in from outside, and they were facing away from it. She reached out for the doorknob.

“No.” His order was low, but irrefutable. She went limp in his arms. Her head fell back against his chest. “That’s right.” He moved one hand down to her stomach and caressed her there.
“Unzip your skirt, Amy.”

Belletristik und Literatur
30. März
Lynda Chance

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