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Create your very own blog at the best venues: Wordpress and Blogger. Geared for authors and newbies, learn how to engage readers interested in your subjects or products. It's fun and easy. Save time and money with a blog that helps the main objective: getting more people checking out what you have to offer.
Reach Readers Around the World through Blogging. Blogs and authors are a natural pairing. Blogs:
Keep you writing
Lead readers to your books at Amazon and retailers
Connect people to your social media links
Have excellent SEO properties, loved by Google
Blogs can be Your Online Headquarters for Everything about You.
Perfect for beginners who haven't created one, also designed for intermediates who want to do it better. As a bonus, students who use the course can have their blog featured on mine!
You'll quickly learn everything from choosing a domain name to posting and sharing with social media. We’ll blog in a schedule that fits yours as a stress-free way to assist your writing career.
And the best part is that blogs can be made free of charge. Of course you can spend wisely on a custom domain name, premium template or hosting if you want, but not a requirement. Any author on any budget can follow this program right away, and we’ll use free examples with Wordpress (dot) com and Blogger. The lessons will also apply to Wordpress (dot) org templates or blogs hosted elsewhere.
At the end of this course you’ll have a great blog on Wordpress, Blogger or another site. You’ll have a powerful means for online success at your fingertips.

Computer und Internet
13. November
Jason Matthews

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