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An intriguing prediction… A chance meeting with an old acquaintance, stirring new emotions… A game of cat and mouse that's anything but innocent. Electrifying passions…

Do you believe in psychic predictions? Once, when I was spending a summer in England, a psychic read my future and told me that I would soon meet the man of my dreams: a certain "P.C." The next day, I met the dazzling earl Percival Spencer Cavendish; at a ball that same night, he asked me to dance. A real fairy tale... except that I was a shy, pudgy-faced kid covered with chickenpox! I was 12 years old, and "Percy the Magnificent" was 20. Nevertheless, I immediately fell in love with him. 

Time passed, and never again did I see that captivating English earl with his magnetic gaze, though his memory long haunted my dreams. Today, I find myself in England once again. No longer am I the impressionable little girl I once was. I'm a grown woman now. So, why is it that the instant I see Percival again, my heart begins to race?

Don't wait to plunge into the first part of Obsessed with a Billionaire, the newest series by Kate B. Jacobson, the author of Love U

Kate Bonny Jacobson was born in 1984, and she grew up in Wyoming. She inherited her love of literature from her parents who are both professors of English literature. After traveling far and wide—particularly in Europe, where she lived for a few years—Jacobson settled in the Boston area, where she lives with her husband and their three sons. Her first novel was Love U, which takes place in the pitiless world of Hollywood. Her second series, Obsessed with a Billionaire, immerses her readers in the charm and mystery of the English countryside.


This book contains the first three installment of the collection Obsessed with a Billionaire.

February 5
Addictive Publishing

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