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The journals and correspondence of George Simmons add a further lustre to the excellent memoirs and books that men of the 95th Rifles left of the adventures, hard fought actions and grim experiences of the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign. Simmons was commissioned into the 1st Battalion 95th Rifles, a fellow officer of Sir John Kincaid and Sir Harry Smith both of whom left valuable memoirs of the period. A religious and upright man, although not priggish, he kept a journal of the actions movement and events of his life and sent numerous letters home to his family in Hull. These form the narrative which has been ordered by Lt. Col. Verner to flow in sequence through his time fighting Napoleon’s forces.
Simmons, and his brothers who often crop up in the volume, was at the forefront of the fighting engaged in by the Light Brigade and later Light Division. He was wounded a number of times, once so seriously at Waterloo as a result of a musket wound to the chest, that his attendants though he might die. He took part in the battles of Fuentes D’Oñoro, Salamanca, Vittoria, the Nivelle, Orthez and finally Waterloo. The storming of Badajoz, Cuidad Rodrigo are also described in vivid detail missing nothing of the fear, death and mayhem of the attacking troops; to give just one excerpt of the action:-
I saw my poor friend Major O'Hare lying dead upon the breach. Two or three musket balls had passed through his breast. A gallant fellow, Sergeant Flemming, was also dead by his side, a man who had always been with him. I called to remembrance poor O'Hare's last words just before he marched off to lead the advance. He shook me by the hand saying, "A Lieutenant-Colonel or cold meat in a few hours." I was now gazing upon his body lying stretched and naked amongst thousands more.
An excellent read, contemporaneously written and abounding with interesting details.
Text taken from 1899 edition, full and complete, published by A. & C. Black, London
Author – Major George Simmons [1785-1858]
Editor – Lt.-Col Willoughby Cole Verner [1852-1922]

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