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Whether your interest in Calisthenics is based on the will to lose some weight or you are just interested in getting a hold of a well-toned body shape, our guide for beginners is here to help you with some basic and useful tips on how to start with calisthenics. You will find everything you need in order to get started, including basic workout routines and different variations of pull-ups, push-ups, crunches and squats, preparing you to start with healthier everyday routines. Along with tips on what is best for your body as a beginner in the world of Calisthenics, we are also guiding you as you are learning basic exercises and movements. You will also be able to find motivational tips and the answer to why you should finally start working out, as well as why calisthenics would make a great choice. You can in reality get your body in shape in just a couple of weeks and progress further to intermediate and advanced calisthenics to take your body to perfection and stay healthy, also implementing healthy diet regimen.

In out Calisthenics Guide for Beginners you will find tips on:

- Calisthenics 101: How to get started and why start

- Push-ups How To: Basic movements and practices

- Pull-ups How To: Practicing pull-ups

- Strength, mobility and balance: Leg workout routines

- Crunches: Work on your core muscles

- Healthy Diet Tips

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