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Welcome back to Fiddlehead Creek, the little town in the southwest region of Georgia, where strange is normal!

I’m Esme Hightower, and I’m finally a full-fledged psychic medium. But all my hard work could go up in smoke if I don’t get an out-of-control coven back in line. Those witches are causing chaos everywhere, and only someone with special powers—someone like me—will have a shot at stopping them.

And on top of that, my love life is a mess. I’m torn between a shape-shifting hunk and the smoking-hot chief of police.

Life has never been more confusing or more dangerous. If I make the wrong decisions, not only will my life be on the line, but the entire town could be destroyed.

If you like Southern paranormal cozy mysteries, you need to read this one!

Krimis und Thriller
23. November
Elusive Dreams Press

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